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Robber's Cave: Truths, Legends, Rocollections

Date: September 18, 2018 Time: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Event Description Legend says the cave once served as a hideout for Old West outlaws. One popular local story claims nortorious outlaw Jesse Jrunes sought refuge in the cave after pulling a heist in Minnesota. Local historians, however, are skeptical. The cave was originally dug out of soft Dakota sandstone in the late 1860s for a brewery. That brewery closed after just a few years. On the sandstone walls, below the still visible pickax marks made by the men who dug them out, are thousands of carvings, the natnes and dates, symbols and initials of generations of people who spent their youth exploring the Robber's Cave tunnels. 
Joel Green mentors highly gifted students in writing for Lincoln Public Schools. He loves local history, but there is nothing Green loves more than being a father. He lives in Lincoln, Nebraska, with his wife and daughter. He continues to give public and private tours of Robber's Cave when he's not teaching or writing a book about the place! 

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